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Our lie down bed with callagen tubes

Welcome to High Street Tanning Salon

We are situated in Worle High Street, where we opened back in 2018.  We are a small family business, employing local people.

This gives us the opportunity to offer a friendly, professional and personal experience every time you visit.

Our beds are fitted with collagen tubes, these work with and combination of UV tubes for tanning and Red Wave light tubes for that added extra. Everyday we lose collagen in our skin due to day to day pollution and the main effected areas are the most visible, our face, neck, chest and hands. The Red Wave light tubes help to replace the natural collagen lost by replenishing the elasticity in our skin which helps combat the signs of ageing.

We have 4 beds, 3 laydown and 1 stand up.

Our prices are very competitive, you can buy courses or pay as you go.

If you would like more details please come in, or give us a call, or

click on the Facebook link above for more details.


Our lie down bed with callagen tubes
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